Entry #10

What I'm Looking For

2017-05-06 13:45:55 by Maverickmode

There's a lot that I try to do with music emotion-wise. At different times I want to create different feelings, like joy, melancholy, rage etc. etc. However, there's one thing that comse above all else in really affecting me.

What I want to do with music, most of all, is create a sense of wonder. A feeling that there is something out there to be discovered. Maybe it's the fact that in life nowadays, we don't have so much of that feeling of discovery.

Anyway, when I start to work on a project that gives me that feeling, it's one of the greatest things in life, for me. It's really something that I try to hold on to when life gets difficult.

I know that my last post was full of a lot of complaining and angst and whatnot. That's not to say it isn't genuine, but of course I feel differently about it now.

The point is, although I have to accept the fact that I won't be participating in AIM this year, I am still working on something that inspires me.


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